First dance lesson is free!

To meet us and try a few dancing steps with us in order to establish the dance types in your future program, we offer this introductory lesson free. 
Call us to benefit of this free introductory lesson, or fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon is possible! 

Phone: 076 333 22 00

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 Danssa Studio Fees

Prices depend on the chosen program. The programs are made ​​upon the number of dance types, tried out on the very first dance lesson gift ! Lessons structure is based on modules.


 1 Modul = 3  dancing lesson*  
(incorporate: 1 private lesson + 2 group lessons bonus**)
First dance lesson si FREE!
Try us out without any further obligation!
Schedule your free lesson by calling at: 076 333 22 00 or fill ou the form on this page!

*Lessons last for 50 minutes each and take place only under an appointment.
** valid 7 days after private lesson.


Types of lessons (duration 50 minutes / lesson ) :

Private lesson - is where patterns, technique, and style are learned.  Learning steps with 1 or 2 teachers that can also be your partner in learning the dance if you dont have one. The best, fastest and effective way to learn dance steps .

Group lesson - deepening dance steps taught in private lessons. Versatility and ease of movement through dance floor; meet other students with similar dancing goals, develop balance, and learn the mechanics of dancing.

Danssa concept categories:
  1. Amateur:  - Begginers   - Advanced    - Expert
  2. ProAM:  -Bronze    -Silver    -Gold

Our programs are personalized upon the number of dance styles and their difficulty . A dance program of 4-6 styles takes approx. 4-8 weeks.

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